Star Trek: Discovery teaser shows new uniforms, Enterprise bridge

Star Trek: Discovery teaser shows new uniforms, Enterprise bridge

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Star Trek: Discovery has started production on season two in Toronto and has released a teaser with glimpses of the new USS Enterprise bridge and uniforms.

As fans know, season one concluded with the Discovery answering a distress call from the famed ship, which is captained by Christopher Pike (to be played by Anson Mount). We also know now that a young Spock will appear at some point.

First then there are some glimpses at the bridge both under construction and a small slice of the finished interior:

Nice red trim, possibly indicating this could be the Enterprise bridge.

There are also designs for new crewmember uniforms. The designs include skirts for women like in the 1960s-era The Original Series. Discovery has female Starfleet crew members in full body blue unitard suits. Until it’s on camera of course, it’s entirely possible a design could change — it’s labeled “Ver. 4” after all — but obviously, they’re at least floating the idea by releasing it in a video.

Makes you wonder if there’s a room of fashion designers sitting around in Starfleet HQ arguing over colors and how fabulous the uniforms would look if we could only see in the Ultraviolet spectrum.

There’s also a “command yellow” jersey in that video too.

Clearly, just as the USS Discovery has a blue-based color scheme, there’s a red theme going on for the USS Enterprise, which seems fitting as the original show’s bridge had red accents.

Here’s a shot of Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) taking a stroll onto the Enterprise – the “1701” confirms it.

+++UPDATE+++ A keen-eyed MyM reader pointed out that this is actually Spock’s quarters… We know this because of this pic from The Original Series episode “Amok Time” (season 2, episode 1). Check out the number of the room – 3F 125…

Finally a glimpse – that we are so meant to find and freeze frame – of some studio design blueprints with a couple labelled “Section 31 – Bridge Lab”…so the mind boggles with the possibilities they offer…

We expect to see a steady drip-feed of pics and tid-bits of info from now until the day season two starts, which itself is unclear. IMDb has it slated to start in 2019, but given how much more organized the show is compared to this time last year, we’re hoping an autumn start isn’t out of the question.

We also expect to see a lot more unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

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