LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing Fighter is the latest UCS to hit stores

LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing Fighter is the latest UCS to hit stores

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The Y-Wing Fighter will be the newest addition to the Ultimate Collectors Series from LEGO hitting stores on May 4th (the unofficial Star Wars day).

This snub fighter clocks in at 1,967 pieces and includes minifigs of Gold Leader and R2-BHD. Like all other UCS sets before it, it will sit on a display base with a name and information plate as well. Also like the other UCS sets it won’t be cheap – the Star Wars Y-Wing Fighter will deprive you $199.99 of your hard earned.

Granted, it’s way cheaper than the last one, the UCS Millennium Falcon, but still a big chuck of change to drop at once. These will be for sale in LEGO Stores, and online in the LEGO Shop.

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