Here’s what Avengers: Infinity War would look like as a Japanese RPG

Here’s what Avengers: Infinity War would look like as a Japanese RPG

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We’re used to Japanese RPGs taking us on a vast journey with a party of unlikely heroes across large and fascinating worlds to knock down a towering boss attempting to blow it all up.

It seems fitting, then, that Disney Japan has put together a trailer reimagining what Avengers: Infinity War would look like as a game in the style of Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest on the SNES.

Big bad Thanos is there, serving as the game’s unbeatable boss fight. A regular feature of games of yore, you’d usually spend a lot of time in tough battles trying to work out whether this was one you were supposed to lose to!

Nevertheless, Iron Man, Spidey, Dr Strange, Starlord, Captain America, Hulk and Black Widow all try to take him down and fail miserably. Hopefully, that’s not a massive spoiler for the actual film. We assume Thanos is going to have a pretty big impact, but killing everyone would just be a little over the top.

Avengers: Infinity War is in cinemas now. You can view a gallery of images from this film’s premiere right here to see the ridiculous scale of it all.

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