BTS: Burn The Stage S01E04 REVIEW

BTS: Burn The Stage S01E04 REVIEW

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“It’s On You And I”

D+30 Sao Paulo, Brazil
One of the final performances in Sao Paulo and the members are talking about what songs they will perform during a rehearsal for the fans who have special VIP tickets to watch them as they prepare for the big concert. During the practice run of songs, the members sit on a smaller stage and watch each other prepare their solo performances. The atmosphere seems fun and light-hearted.

Sadly Jimin doesn’t seem happy with his performance and loses all confidence in himself and his ability to perform. He is clearly upset and feels that he is lacking. Suga and Jungkook talk about the hardships Jimin has suffered trying to make it as a member of BTS, and mark him as one of the hardest working members of the boy group. The friendship between Jungkook and Jimin has been obvious to fans from the very beginning and it shows even through the documentary, where Jungkook is seen trying to help Jimin loosen up and cheer up by giving him some mentoring. But there is some pathos behind this segment where you can see the hard work they are all enduring.

As soon as the concert begins we see the fans going wild while BTS are up on stage giving it their all. RM mentions how hard and how difficult it must be for J-hope who is the main dancer of the group. J-hope has a continuous schedule when on stage with little time for a break, what with his solo performances and performing as a team. A key moment is at the end of the night where the members are changing their clothes; they obviously have no tops on and are walking around shirtless, and all you can hear is Jungkook and Jin laughing and messing around.

The first part of this episode is based on their trust and understanding of each other, showing the good and the hard times. The tour is 30 days in and the members are now feeling the strain of working their socks off, on and off the stage. There never seems to be a break for them, and even when they do get a little time to themselves they are constantly thinking about what else they can do to become better, be it better entertainers, performers or people.

D+33 New York, USA
If BTS are not in the recording studio, on stage, or performing their latest single on TV shows, then they are doing interviews. This is a big moment for RM as he is self-taught in speaking English, using the American sitcom Friends as a basis to learn the language. You can see the stress it puts RM under, especially since he’s one of the only members who can speak and understand what’s going on, as well as having to be the leader of the group. His brain is constantly on overdrive just making sure everything is going how it should.

BTS are seen talking about their rehearsals for their first New York concert (it is a bigger concert hall) and RM tells the team to work hard, not to panic and just make sure the choreography is smooth. V’s small voice is heard in the background explaining that there is a problem with the choreography and that Jin needs to move a bit faster during a specific part. He wants to perfect it for the fans. At this point, Jin takes it as a joke and begins to playfully argue with V, but things take a more serious turn as the argument becomes a reality.

With voices raised, the other members keep quiet and listen to what is going on, taking in all the information. J-hope is known for being the person that will help to reconcile others should arguments arise, and in true form he steps in to try and calm things down. Jungkook explains during his solo interview his feelings towards the sudden outbreak and feels that they were being selfish towards each other and the other members. BTS is going on stage within minutes and the argument has left an awkwardness between everyone.

RM steps in as V sheds tears of anger, sadness, and frustration. Jin is seen being awkward after giving an apology, but obviously realising that nothing was solved. During solo interviews, the members explain how they felt disappointed toward those who were fighting. RM can be seen telling the members off but also trying to wake them up to the fact that the concert is about to happen and the fans are there for them.

After the concert, BTS leave the stage and arrange a meeting. Suga explains how the argument is not a bad thing to have happened, for in his eyes it’s just how family grow and express their love and concern for each other. Sitting in comfortable clothing (RM is in his PJ’s) the boys are eating food and talking about their differences. They all listen to what V and Jin have to say, then explain how they felt about the whole situation. Tears are shed, memories are brought up of past arguments, but it all ends with the argument instigators making up. The key problem is that they are all so close, but they are also all so different. They may not always see eye to eye and have arguments and fights, but they are still a whole, they are still BTS.

There is a mention that they are all still children in some sense, and age gaps are easily forgotten within the group as they all like to play around and have fun. But what is portrayed through this episode is that they have the possibility to be together for a long time. When they have troubles or problems, instead of sitting on it and letting it fester, they talk about it as a group and not as individuals. They have their heads screwed on right and are mature in the ways they progress.

This was one of the most anticipated episodes for many fans, and I believe it was also mostly anticipated for BTS as well. Being one of the first groups to fully show their raw side, their unhappiness, their tiredness and their fights is a huge step away from the perfection that they are told to strive for. But in sharing this process, in showing their hardships with the high life, they have solidified their position as amazing individuals, a group to be respected, and as a group that has the potential to be together 20 years or more into the future.


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