Zero Escape creator teases new game announcement ‘in the near future’

Zero Escape creator teases new game announcement ‘in the near future’

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The Zero Escape trilogy is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant and bizarre gaming series out there. A mix of obtuse point-and-click adventure game, head-spinning visual novel and Saw-esque escape room thriller, all three entries leave you dumbfounded and infuriated, yet strangely compelled to press onward to see what outlandish scenario they throw at you next.

However, with that series all wrapped up, fans have been eager to see what Kotaro Uchikoshi – the director and writer of all three games – is up to next. Well, we should have an idea very soon.

In a tweet this weekend, Uchikoshi-san said that “in the near future you will get a glimpse of the most fascinating adventure game in the Galaxy.” If that doesn’t excite you enough, the promise of what seeing the game will do to you sure will. “Your jaw will drop into the mantle of the Earth with great astonishment beyond description,” he wrote. That’s quite an intensifier and, in fairness, we believe him.

Many had expected a more detailed announcement to come during Spike Chunsoft’s recent GDC 2018 event. Instead, we were treated to the news that the developer will bring five games to the west this year, including PixelJunk Monsters 2Steins;Gate Elite and Zanki Zero: Last Beginning from the creators of Danganronpa. That should be enough to keep you busy until we find out exactly what absurdity Kotaro Uchikoshi is going to grace us with next.

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