Westworld season 2, full trailer

Westworld season 2, full trailer

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The first season of Westworld firmly established itself as an enthralling, cerebral sci-fi drama. Adapted by HBO, it’s based loosely on the 1973 movie of the same name written by Michael Crichton.

Fans have been falling over themselves in anticipation of the second season since the last episode aired in December 2016. The second season will premiere on 22nd April… and the first trailer that dropped during the Super Bowl was full of the cryptic messages that we now expect.

Now, the new, full-length trailer for season 2 of Westworld has arrived.

Only a few weeks ago writing and husband and wife team Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy said during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that the second season is called The Door, if you imagine that the first season was called The Maze, a little like novels in a series, like Dune or Harry Potter.

The second season picks up soon after Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) killed Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), triggering a new narrative where the robot hosts have rebelled and created a nightmare scenario. The trailer shows how the Delos Corporation is trying to mitigate the damage – by bringing in troops – as well as how some of the hosts and guests feel about their brave new world.

The trailer’s given us some hints about what’s to come and confirmed a couple things. For example, we’ve got our first look at the return of Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), who was last seen saving Maeve (Thandie Newton) and presumably shot by Delos guards. Also, the shots of Delos troops arriving on shore all-but-confirms the theory that Westworld exists on an island, which might explain how it avoids certain laws and jurisdictions.

We also get our first major look at the newest park to join the roster, Shogun World. There are supposedly six parks altogether, so who knows what else could be out there.

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