US and UK clothing stores hint at stocking K-pop merchandise

US and UK clothing stores hint at stocking K-pop merchandise

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There is a never-ending battle with western fans to try and get as much merchandise as possible of their favourite K-pop bands. Often it comes with a large price tag thanks to shipping and postage costs. Rarely can you get official merchandise in the US or Europe, and those that can’t save up usually end up buying fanmade merchandise to show their support. But what if there was an option to get merchandise in the US and UK?

Through the official Primark twitter, a BTS fan (lovethineself) jokingly tweeted: “Once Primark starts stocking bts merch its over for all you other stores“. It was a bit of harmless fun and no one thought it would get a reply. But a few moments later the official Primark Twitter responded with, “Keep your eyes peeled“.

This could be a simple misunderstanding of the word BTS (most commonly known for ‘behind the scenes’), but with the growth of BTS in the US and Europe, there could be more to this hint. To make things even more exciting, the US clothing retailer Hot Topic, known for supporting the more niche markets and for their crazy collaborations, has also hinted at a BTS collaboration through their Instagram page. In a set of three photos which have the official K-pop group’s logos featured under the letters B.T.S, the company left the comment “Coming Soon”.

For US and European fans who want to show support of their favourite K-pop groups, this is definitely a step in the right direction and hopefully leads to more K-pop collaborations with more retailers around the world. Be sure to check back for any more updates.

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