UK Anime Round-Up 12–18 March: Trunks and Goten versus …Hitler?

UK Anime Round-Up 12–18 March: Trunks and Goten versus …Hitler?

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New week, new anime! Well, kinda new, anyway – this week’s headline release is the latest in Manga Entertainment’s rolling series of DBZ film compilations. Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection Six reaches all the way back to 1995 to bring us Fusion Reborn and Wrath of the Dragon, the 12th and 13th feature film entries in the long-running franchise.

Directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi, Fusion Reborn sees a walkman-related industrial disaster in the Other World unleash the demonic Janemba and a legion of the living dead featuring one Adolf Hitler. Because of course it does. Meanwhile, Wrath of the Dragon is helmed by Dragon Ball regular Mitsuo Hashimoto and sees the Earth threatened by Hirudegarn – an ancient monster that can only be defeated by the legendary warrior Tapion.

Other new titles this week include a pair of standard edition Blu-ray from Anime Limited – Blood Blockade Battlefront and Project Itoh: Harmony, both of which received DVD and Limited Edition releases late last year.

Produced by Studio Bones and directed by Pretty Cure veteran Rie Matsumoto, Blood Blockade Battlefront is an excellent series that gives fantasy action an urban twist, with a portal to the netherworld populating the streets of New York with monsters and demons (some of whom turn out to be decent blokes). Meanwhile, Studio 4°C sci-fi film Harmony is adapted from a novel by the late Project ITOH – real name Satoshi Ito – and is set in a utopian (read ‘horribly sinister’) world that’s suddenly rocked by a wave of mass suicides.

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