The Tomboys at Underbelly, Hoxton: music review

The Tomboys at Underbelly, Hoxton: music review

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The lights dim as a catchy song begins and The Tomboys take to the stage, a deafening roar then echoes throughout the Underbelly in Hoxton. Dressed in their signature blue mod dresses, reminiscent of British fashion in the 60s, Hina, Madoka, GG Wakana, and Non look right at home as they kick off their show with a bang, jumping straight into their upbeat theme song. The crowd sings and claps alongside the band excitedly, shouting out their name as they announce ‘we are the tomboys’ in the song’s chorus. From everyone’s delighted faces, and the atmosphere in the room it’s clear that it’s going to be a fun night – and boy were we right on the money.

With everyone packed into the intimate venue, the only way we can see the band -and take pictures- is to go on top of a table next to the sizable crowd. It may be a precarious position to be in, but it also provides a great view of both the band and their fans as they jump around with glee when The Tomboys begin to perform their infectiously catchy song Please Remember Me. Madoka and GG belt out powerful melodies on their lead and bass guitar, while Hina plays her guitar and sings in her grungy yet hypnotic voice. Her raw vocals hit deep, strengthening the song as it resonates around the room thanks to Non’s steady drumming.

It’s the fun that the band has as they dance and jump together that really gets the show going, though, as their bright and positive energy sweeps the crowd off their feet. The show is their only one in the UK as part of their 17 date tour in Europe which saw them perform in France, Italy and Germany before making their way to our shores. Despite already performing their hearts out in so many places, it’s obvious from the smiles on their faces that they’ve got more than enough energy for tonight. They glide across the stage, switching places with each other and stepping forward as they go into epic guitar solos.

The Tomboys are so much fun on stage as they do this, and these moves work particularly well as they go into their song Saturday Night, which features a funky upbeat punk melody that’s easy to rock out to. It’s clear as they perform that tour life has treated The Tomboys well. Their performance is more polished, and they command the audience’s attention with ease. Their energetic presence on stage creates a fun upbeat atmosphere as they sing, dance and play their instruments in time, not missing a single beat as they perform in perfect unison.

This is a band who clearly know their worth. They can easily take control of a room, and their lively performance energizes the audience so that within one song everyone is having a great time. It’s refreshing to see such young and vibrant talent blossom on stage, and they’re here to let everyone know just how great they are. It’s always been fun to see The Tomboys perform live since their debut in the UK two years ago, but tonight feels like something truly special. We can’t wait until they’re back.

Review and photos by Roxy Simons

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