Peacemaker Kurogane REVIEW

Peacemaker Kurogane REVIEW

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Peacemaker Kurogane DVD review

The Shinsengumi were a real-life organisation, a sort of samurai police force who served the Shogun in the 1860s. They – or characters inspired by them – have cropped up in a bunch of samurai-based anime and manga over the years, including Rurouni Kenshin and Gintama. In Peacemaker Kurogane, our spiky-haired hero Ichimura Tetsunosuke dreams of joining their ranks to avenge his parents’ murder. However, at just 15 years old but looking considerably younger, Ichimura can only get hired as a page.

Peacemaker has a somewhat mixed tone. At times, it’s light-hearted, with Tetsu getting himself into scrapes or befriending a local girl. At other points, it’s a much darker, more serious affair, with blood-splattered violent scenes. Although fairly rare, these action sequences are well executed when they do come. The series also mixes in some historical fact with its fiction, meaning some of the finer details can be tricky to follow if you don’t fancy yourself a Japanese history buff.

Dating back to 2003-04, the animation looks fairly standard for a series of its vintage. Production studio Gonzo was known for its flashy CGI at the time, but that’s not in evidence here. While the animation is perfectly solid, it’s nothing to write home about – which describes the series as a whole, being unremarkable in almost every way. Reviewed by Chris Perkins

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