Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.25 opens the Forbidden Land of Eureka on March 13

Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.25 opens the Forbidden Land of Eureka on March 13

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The highly-anticipated Forbidden Land of Eureka will finally be open to Final Fantasy 14 players with the release of patch 4.25 on March 13th.

This vast and untamed island will play host to the new semi-open world content for the game’s latest expansion, Stormblood. Up to 144 players can be in the same instance at once and group up to take on some of the toughest monsters in the MMO.

Eureka features an entirely unique player progression system, which allows you to earn experience in order to strengthen your elemental affinities and aid your exploration of the new environment. Different enemies have elemental strengths and weaknesses too, so you’ll have to change your setup using the ‘Magia Board’ in order to take them down.

Players will also venture to the new zone to level up special Eureka weapons. Working similarly to the high-level Anima weapons in previous patches, players will have a fairly intense grind ahead of them collecting protean crystals to enhance Eureka weapons with the help of the master blacksmith, Gerolt.

Patch 4.25 will also continue the story of Final Fantasy‘s favourite bumbling detective, Hildibrand, as he continues to (ineffectively) investigate a robbery spree in Kugane.

Meanwhile, the Little Ladies’ Day seasonal event has just got underway across Eorzea. In-universe idol band, The Songbirds, have returned to put on another performance, with players able to earn new emotes and items after they complete a new quest chain.

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