Anime Round-Up 26-31 March: Blue Exorcists and Boy Racers

Anime Round-Up 26-31 March: Blue Exorcists and Boy Racers

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Only two new anime releases today, but they’re both good ‘uns!

First off, Manga UK gives us Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, Volume 1 on DVD and Blu-ray. As the subtitle suggests, the first six episodes of Blue Exorcist’s second season shift the supernatural action to Kyoto, with exorcist-in-training (and son of Satan!) Rin Okumura and his classmates attempting to ensure that dangerous demon relic The Right Eye of the Impure King doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

A-1 Pictures’ original Blue Exorcist series made a big impression when it debuted in Japan in 2011, but fans have had quite a wait for the studio to follow up on its success. Directorial duties switch from Tensai Okamura to Deadman Wonderland’s Koichi Hatsumi, but the gang’s back together as far as the voice casts for both Japanese and English language versions are concerned. For more on Kyoto Saga’s first volume, check out our review.

The week’s other big release is another title marking the welcome return of a popular franchise – Initial D Legend 1: Awakening. Released on Blu-ray and DVD by MVM Entertainment, Awakening is the opening installment of three films retelling the events of the first Initial D anime series, which hit the tarmac way back in 1998.

You can read our full thoughts on Awakening here, but the reboot is definitely worth a watch, whether you’re a fan of Shuichi Shigeno’s petrolhead manga or a newcomer to the series. This first movie in the Initial D Legend trilogy opens at the very beginning of Takumi Fujiwara’s automobile adventures, with our fave boy racer making blisteringly fast tofu delivery runs down Mount Akina in his trusty Eight-Six.

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