UK Anime Round-Up 26 Feb–4 Mar: Another round of Jaeger-meister

UK Anime Round-Up 26 Feb–4 Mar: Another round of Jaeger-meister

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Following last week’s lassitude, things are hotting up in the anime kitchen – and there’s no doubt about what UK fans are hungriest for as Attack on Titan Season 2, WIT Studio’s much-anticipated follow-up to their giant-sized global hit, stomps its way onto Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Continuing the epic saga of Eren Jaeger and his comrades’ battle against the monstrous, people-munching Titans, Attack on Titan’s 12-episode sequel season is also available as a limited edition DVD and Blu-ray box set complete with an exclusive 60-page art book featuring concept art and behind-the-scenes content.

Another iconic anime hero also gets in on the week’s action with Manga Entertainment releasing the latest instalment of Naruto Shippuden. Featuring episodes 388-401 of the long-running shonen show, Naruto Shippuden Box Set 31 sees our orange-jumpsuited hero in deadly peril as the ninjas face off against über-powerful adversary Madara.

Anime Limited brings a trio of titles to the table today in the shape of Princess Arete, Chrono Crusade and Peacemaker Kurogane. The debut film by In This Corner Of The World director Sunao Katabuchi, Princess Arete tells the story of a young princess confined to a castle tower while her royal father searches for a suitor worthy of her. The Studio 4°C feature is available as a Blu-ray + DVD Collector’s Edition, as well as on standard Blu-ray and DVD.

Both 24-episode Gonzo series from 2003, Roaring Twenties-set Chrono Crusade sees gun-toting nun Rosette and her demonic sidekick Chrono hunting fiends in Prohibition America, while Peacemaker Kurogane takes us back to 19th century Japan as 15-year-old Ichimura Tetsunosuke joins the Shinsengumi samurai police force to avenge his parents’ death.

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