Tabletop Kickstarter Round-Up: Murder Apps, Miniature Islands & Men in Tights

Tabletop Kickstarter Round-Up: Murder Apps, Miniature Islands & Men in Tights

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The big Kickstarter news of the week is the launch of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – big enough that we’ve given it an article all to itself! But while Monolith’s superhero-styled follow-up to Conan and Mythic Battles: Pantheon may be grabbing the headlines, it ain’t the only game in town. Here are five more titles that might tickle your fancy…


Co-operative murder investigation game Chronicles of Crime faces stiff competition in the shape of new Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective expansion Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures, but Lucky Duck Games’ Kickstarted title has an ace up its sleeve – it combines a traditional board game with a digital app and VR technology. The game comes with a tutorial and five full mysteries, and more will scenarios will be available to download after release. Is this the future of boardgaming or just a gimmick? The jury’s out, but we’re intrigued to give it a go.


A 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) style civilisation game about settling the New World, Anachrony lead designer Dávid Turczi’s Dice Settlers sees players explore new lands, research new technologies, raid your opponents and conquer the frontier by assigning dice purchased from a pool of 51 custom dice. Deeper than your average dice chucking game, Dice Settlers has a tonne of longevity thanks to the wide array of technology cards available. Artwork by Mihajlo ‘The Mico’ Dimitrievski is a nice bonus!


Set in rural Japan during the Edo period, Kolossal Games’ Kami-Sama sees two to four players take on the roles of Kami, the spirits of nature, as they compete to become the chief deity of the land. Sporting eye-catching artwork, kami with asymmetrical play styles and a gentle theme that belies the game’s ‘take that’ nature, Kami-Sama is an area control game with a neat twist – the board is a disc depicting four different villages that rotates each turn, with players usually only able to affect the quadrant of the board currently facing them.


Crowdfunded games tend to be voluminous affairs crammed with a tonne of stuff, so it’s cool to find a pocket-sized card game like Palm Island on Kickstarter. Designed primarily for solo play (although there are multiplayer variants), Palm Island tasks players with creating a flourishing village on their tropical island using a deck of just 17 cards – gathering resources, upgrading buildings and achieving feats in pursuit of the highest score. With each game only taking 15 minutes or so, Palm Island seems ideal for gamers on the go.


Billed as semi-cooperative but highly competitive, Final Frontier Games’ Robin Hood and the Merry Men puts you in the Lincoln green tights of Robin, Little John, Will Scarlet and their outlaw mates. Using worker placement, set collection and – unusually for a Euro game – push-your-luck dice rolling, players attempt to protect the common folk from greedy Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham – barricading roads to stop the taxmen, robbing royal carriages of their treasures and rescuing prisoners from the castle dungeons.

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