Tabletop Kickstarter Round-Up: Finns, Farms and Fantasy

Tabletop Kickstarter Round-Up: Finns, Farms and Fantasy

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There’s never a shortage of tabletop games knocking around on Kickstarter, from multi-million dollar blockbusters such as Blood Rage and Mythic Battles: Pantheon to indie projects by first-time designers. Here are half a dozen current campaigns that caught our eye…


We’ve popped Fields of Green: Grand Fair at the top of this list because if you want to back the first expansion for Vangelis Bagiartakis’ card-drafting farming game, you ain’t got much time left. As well as adding the attractions of an agricultural fair to your cardboard countryside, Fields of Green: Grand Fair provides player objectives; new locations such as cherry trees, oats and llamas; rules for solo play and enough components to add a fifth player to your games. The Kickstarter campaign also gives you the chance to buy both the new expansion and the base game as a single bundle.


The latest in the well-received Aeon’s End series of cooperative deck-building games, Aeon’s End: Legacy adds a legacy game element to your post-apocalyptic fantasy adventures. Up to four players will build up characters over multiple chapters of a campaign, facing increasingly powerful nemeses as they fight to defend Gravehold, the last bastion of humanity. At the end of the campaign, you’ll have unique characters, new nemeses, new player cards and new basic nemesis cards that you can play with indefinitely – including with the original Aeon’s End and its War Eternal expansion.


Designed by Portuguese euro games wizard Vital Lacerda, CO2: Second Chance is a re-designed edition of 2012’s CO2, which puts players in the shoes of energy company CEOs challenged with halting runaway pollution whilst still meeting the rising demand for sustainable energy. This new edition offers more balanced gameplay, a new events deck, shorter playing time, upgraded wood components for the power plants and a more user-friendly rulebook. However, the biggest change is the option to play Second Chance as a fully co-operative game in addition to the competitive mode found in the original CO2.



Finland isn’t unknown territory for wargamers, with titles such as Red Winter tackling its Winter War against the Soviet Union, but we can’t remember seeing a game about the brief-but-bloody Finnish Civil War of 1918 before. A card-driven game with point-to-point movement à la Ted Raicer’s Paths of Glory, 1918: Brother Against Brother pits two players against each other as the White government forces clash with the revolutionary Reds. Play is dominated by a deck of 55 action cards, each of which can either be can be used for its historical event or as action points to move and attack with your troops.


We’ve had a thing for sci-fi dropships ever since Aliens, so it’s no surprise that Antenocitis Workshop’s Efreet Dropship has us drooling. The third in a series of landing craft designed for Corvus Belli’s 32mm miniatures game Infinity, the 290mm-long resin-cast Efreet Dropship is designed to fit into Infinity’s Haqqislam faction – but there’s no reason why it couldn’t grace the table for a whole bunch of different sci-fi games. Sporting a £115 price tag, the Efreet Dropship doesn’t exactly come cheap, but you lucky folks with 3D printers also get the option to pledge £20 for the .stl files and make your own!


The fourth instalment of Juan Carlos Cebrián and Nicolás Eskubi’s War Storm Series but the first to come to Kickstarter, WWII wargame Normandy, the Beginning of the End recreates the most famous battles on the American beaches of D-Day. Emphasising the roles of officers and morale, the game pits infantry platoons supported by tanks, artillery and aircraft against each other as the US forces and their French allies take on the German defenders of Festung Europa. Also available as part of the Kickstarter is the Alone in the Storm expansion, which provides solitaire and semi-cooperative rules for the War Storm Series games.

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