Solo teaser drops during Super Bowl

Solo teaser drops during Super Bowl

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Some saw it coming, others weren’t too sure…but a teaser for the Solo: A Star Wars Story aired during the first quarter of the Super Bowl…

It even looks like they’ve kept the story element where Han was an Imperial pilot. Or at least some of it.

“So, you wanna make a difference..?” An Imperial Officer asks a shady-looking, hooded character.

“Yeah,” he replies.

“Trust me, you’re gonna love it!” The Imperial Officer smiles back.  “And which branch are you interested in joining?” He continues.

“I’m gonna be a pilot,” comes the reply. “Best in the galaxy,” he adds.

Chewie, our adventure is just beginning

Woody Harrelson’s character

Our first look at the Falcon exterior…

…and our first look at the Falcon interior?

And then…there’s Lando Calrissian.

The full trailer will air during Good Morning America, on ABC on Monday. It will more than likely be Pacific Time. GMA runs from 7am to 9am, so that’s 10am to 12noon ET and 3pm to 5pm UK time. Alternatively, just keep reading MYM ’cause we’ll have be running it the minute it arrives.

Solo: A Star Wars Story remains slated to open May 25th.

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