Pokémon GO trailer: Generation 3 creatures Minun, Plusle, Wailord and Masquerain

Pokémon GO trailer: Generation 3 creatures Minun, Plusle, Wailord and Masquerain

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“Across the planet, amazing creatures have been discovered…”

That’s the voice of Stephen Fry, doing his best David Attenborough impression, as featured on the new trailer for Pokémon GO.

Riffing off nature documentaries such as Frozen Planet and Planet Earth (and featuring an original score by Academy Award-nominated composer George Fenton, who created the music for Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Blue Planet), the video showcases new monsters that can be found in the mobile video game.

Overlaying animation on top of real-world visuals, it highlights Generation 3 Pokémon such as Minun, Plusle, Wailord and Masquerain.

It may not be in-game footage, but it looks great to us! Did you spot them all?:

“The video features some of the newest creatures debuting in Pokémon GO, that include cute cheerleader pair Plusle and Minun in a forest along with Mawile and the Bug- and Flying-type Pokémon Masquerain,” a spokesperson tells MyMBuzz. “In the oceans, a huge underwater Wailord makes a big splash, as well as a school of Luvdisc—a heart-shaped and water-dwelling Pokémon—under the shadow of a looming threat as they are passed by a Sharpedo. There are also appearances from the amphibious Mudkip playing in a pool, cold-loving Snorunt on a high mountain and a cityscape with the elegant Pokémon Delcatty.”

Wailord having a whale of a time

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