Osprey announces first miniatures board game, Martin Wallace’s Wildlands

Osprey announces first miniatures board game, Martin Wallace’s Wildlands

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Osprey Games has announced that it will be launching its debut miniatures title, fantasy skirmish game Wildlands, in Q4 of this year. The publisher has tapped high profile designer Martin Wallace, best known for games such as Brass, Steam and A Few Acres of Snow, to create Wildlands, which will see two to four players battling in a lawless fantasy world.

The game sees players take on the role of rival factions struggling for power in the titular Wildlands, a once-great kingdom gone to ruin. Scoring points by defeating enemy characters and collecting treasures, each warband will sport its own play style thanks to a unique deck of cards that dictate its abilities on the battlefield.

Wildlands was an opportunity for me to do something off the beaten track: a fast-moving, tactical combat game with asymmetric special powers,” said Wallace, whose tableau-building card game London was given a new edition by Osprey last October.

“I was very pleased when the design found a home with Osprey Games, who have done an amazing job of developing and refining the system, as well as applying an engaging thematic background. They did fantastic work with London, so I’m expecting this to be simply awesome when it finally hits the shelves.”

Wildlands is set to ship with a double-sided board and 20 miniatures sculpted by Bobby Jackson and Tim Prow, and Osprey plans to support the game with additional factions, maps and mechanics. Also, it features what looks to be an owl-man wizard. Who doesn’t love an owl-man?


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