FTL developer’s next game Into The Breach launches this month

FTL developer’s next game Into The Breach launches this month

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Subset Games, developer of the terrific FTL: Faster Than Light, has announced that their next title Into The Breach will be released for PC on February 27th.

Into The Breach is “minimalistic” a turn-based strategy game that sees you pilot mechs to defend your city from an invading force of aliens called the Vek. However, unlike other chaotic battles between aliens in the middle of a metropolis, the aim of the game is to avoid destroying the buildings and skyscrapers around you as they provide power to your mechs.

In an interesting twist, all of the alien’s moves are telegraphed ahead of time so you can better plan your counter attacks for each turn. Don’t fret too much if it all goes wrong, though, as there’s no chance to fail. You simply send yourself back through time to have another go.

It all sounds mightily interesting, especially considering how FTL was so all-consuming and moreish too. Added to that, the game’s music is being handled by Ben Prunty once more, whose FTL soundtrack was stellar.

Into The Breach is still planned for release on other platforms, however, there is currently no timeline for when that can be expected.

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