Final Fantasy 15 to get four new DLC episodes through 2019

Final Fantasy 15 to get four new DLC episodes through 2019

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The Final Fantasy 15 universe is set to be expanded further with the release of four new DLC episodes in 2018 and beyond to wrap up the game’s story.

In a pair of interviews with 4Gamer and Famitsu (and translated thanks to Siliconera), the Final Fantasy 15 development team revealed that the first to be released will be Episode: Ardyn, which will focus on the game’s eccentric and peculiar antagonist. Apparently, this was one most requested by the fans. While no others have been confirmed at this stage, an episode focusing on Lunafreya is also a possibility.

Originally, the team had planned to release all the upcoming episodes in 2018, but have since decided to take some extra development time to ensure they meet player standards. According to a user survey, around 62% of players polled said they were satisfied with the original game’s main scenario, so they want to at least meet or excel that target again.

In fairness, that isn’t too bad a rating, considering the continuous delays and development issues the game ran into – things that were made very apparent in the game’s disappointing final third. Square Enix has since released patches and updates to improve sections of the game that were seen as lacking, to the point where the base game finally feels complete.

That version of the game, Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition, is scheduled for release on March 6th for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will include all previously released DLC, as well as a host of new content, including new dungeons, encounters and battle mechanics.

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