Solo: A Star Wars Story, more reshoots are scheduled

Solo: A Star Wars Story, more reshoots are scheduled

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Additional reshoots are reportedly being lined up for Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story with a little more than four months to go until the Star Wars spin-off hits cinema screens the world over.

The news comes via Reddit and while we’d normally discount it immediately because of that, this user has a history of sharing accurate information…so chances are that we should believe him.

Anyway, it’s said that reshoots are going to take place from the end of January for three weeks. That means Solo will have only finished shooting three months before it’s set to hit theatres and it’s very hard to imagine it not being delayed at this stage.

Howard was hired to replace Phil Lord and Chris Miller most of the way through the film’s principal photography stage and then proceeded to essentially reshoot much of the film. That makes these the reshoots for the reshoots.

We’ve still not seen an official image or trailer yet – aside from some leaked pics of LEGO sets – and the movie stands a better chance going up against Aquaman than following Avengers: Infinity War. However, it’s believed a teaser will be dropping on Friday. After this news, we don’t expect that teaser to be very long at all.

Solo: A Star Wars Story remains slated to open May 25th.

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