Netflix drops Black Mirror season 4 behind-the-scenes featurette

Netflix drops Black Mirror season 4 behind-the-scenes featurette

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Black Mirror has been the talk around the dinner table ever since it won a few Primetime Emmy awards back in September, successfully bringing the show to the attention of anyone who might have living under a rock and hadn’t heard of or embraced it at that point.

Despite obvious influences from a myriad of movies and sci-fi writers including, The Terminator, The Matrix, Strange Days, The Running Man, Total Recall and Babylon 5, Brit-done-good Charlie Brooker has managed to create to mini series of sensational, standalone dramas incorporating a technology themed plot and more or less making himself the Rod Serling of the millennial generation.

Favorite episodes can just easily be from season 1 as they could be from season 4, although you can clearly see the point at which Netflix bought the series as the production budget obviously skyrockets.

Season 4 was an attempt to tackle the criticism that season three fell into a rut of cynicism and familiarity with what producer Annabel Jones calls, in this Netflix featurette, “a series of firsts.”

There are the formal innovations, like a black-and-white episode or the stunning and strange “USS Callister” episode. But there are also the more subtle acts of creative flexibility, like the embrace of catharsis in “Black Museum” or Brooker’s admission, in that episode and in this featurette, that maybe Black Mirror has a shared universe after all.

In this two-minute behind-the-scenes look from Netflix, take a sweeping glance at the energy and creativity that went into the fourth season, alongside new conversations with Charlie Brooker, producer Annabel Jones, and “Arkangel” director Jodie Foster.

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