First trailer for Duncan Jones’ sci-fi noir Mute

First trailer for Duncan Jones’ sci-fi noir Mute

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Netflix has released the first trailer Duncan Jones’ sci-fi film Mute.

Set in Berlin 2052, the film follows Leo Beiler (Alexander Skarsgård), a mute bartender searching for his missing friend. In trying to track her down, he crosses paths with Cactus Bill (Paul Rudd) and Duck Teddington (Justin Theroux), two American army surgeons. But Leo can’t work out if they’re trustworthy.

Jones himself took to Twitter to share the trailer, only he would prefer it if people did not view it before seeing the film, saying, “I would rather people go in to a movie knowing nothing about it, but thats a bit old fashioned…”

A passion project for Jones, he came up with the story for Mute before working on his directorial debut Moon, having written a draft of the script back in 2003. (Duncan has said that both films take place in the same universe). In trying to get the film financed, he went on to make Source Code. In 2013, it looked like Mute would be released as a graphic novel via Dark Horse Comics. Filming took place in Berlin in late 2016, during which it was announced that Netflix would be distributing the film.

Written by Jones and Michael Robert Johnson, it also stars Seyneb Saleh, Gilbert Owuor, Robert Sheehan and Noel Clarke. Mute arrives on Netflix on 23 February 2018.

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