Maze Runner: The Death Cure REVIEW

Maze Runner: The Death Cure REVIEW

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Like the Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil, drug company WCKD isn’t going to let something like the end of the world stop it – with torture and kidnapping high up in its arsenal of tricks as it tries to find a cure for the deadly flare virus, by harvesting a vaccine from immune humans. This trilogy-closing movie pits Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and the other Gladers against them right from the start, as it opens like a heist flick and puts action front and centre.

That theme continues throughout, as a full-scale war rages between the people living a relatively normal life inside the walls of humanity’s last city, and those stuck outside. Unfortunately, bringing the city into play dampens some of the excellent work done by previous films.

The opening movie had its deadly maze and its secrets, while the second film went full zombie flick in a post-apocalyptic desertscape. Here there’s just a little too much medical drama to slow the pace and lose those darker edges, while the city setting makes even the combat a little too familiar. With much of the aesthetic and the danger lost, The Death Cure can’t help but play out like a standard action film.

Release: 26 January 2018
From: 20th Century Fox
Format: Theatrical Release
Age Rating: 12A

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