Legendary Pokémon distribution event throughout 2018

Legendary Pokémon distribution event throughout 2018

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The Pokemon Company International has announced that 2018 will be the year to celebrate Legendary Pokémon, uploading a video detailing their distribution events as well as launching a new website.

There will be Legendary themed tie-ins with the Pokémon Trading Card Game (such as new collections and Pokémon-GX cards) and mobile game Pokémon Shuffle (two new event stages with Dialga and Palkia will be available to play from 6 – 13 February), with further details expected throughout the year. But most notable was the video game distributions.

“As a thank-you to all the Trainers out there who have been so committed and passionate about Pokémon over the years, we want to make 2018 a legendary year,” said J.C. Smith, senior director of consumer marketing for The Pokémon Company International. “We’re offering fans a chance to access these powerful Legendary Pokémon across the brand while celebrating their role in the franchise’s legacy.”

Players of Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon, Pokémon Sun, and Pokémon Moon on the Nintendo 3DS will be able to receive a different Legendary Pokémon each month from February to November. They include the following:

  • February: Dialga, the Steel and Dragon-type, or Palkia, the Water and Dragon-type, from the Sinnoh region. It has already been revealed that Dialga and Palkia will be available in the UK from GAME and in Ireland from Gamestop.
  • March: Regigigas, the Normal-type, or Heatran, the Fire and Steel-type, from the Sinnoh region.
  • April: Raikou, the Electric-type, or Entei, the Fire-type, from the Johto region.
  • May: Xerneas, the Fairy-type, or Yveltal, the Dark and Flying-type, from the Kalos region.
  • June: Zygarde, the Dragon and Ground-type with three distinct forms, from the Kalos and Alola regions.
  • July: Tornadus, the Flying-type, or Thundurus, the Electric and Flying-type, from the Unova region.
  • August: Groudon, the Ground-type, or Kyogre, the Water-type, from the Hoenn region.
  • September: Latios or Latias, the Dragon and Psychic-type, from the Hoenn region.
  • October: Reshiram, the Dragon and Fire-type, or Zekrom, the Dragon and Electric-type, from the Unova region.
  • November: Ho-Oh, the Fire and Flying-type, or Lugia, the Psychic and Flying-type, from the Johto region.

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