Krypton, new trailer shows changes to the story of Superman

Krypton, new trailer shows changes to the story of Superman

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Our first proper look at Syfy’s long-in-the-works Superman prequel Krypton is finally here—and it looks like it’s taking a unusual approach.

This is the story of Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El (played by Cameron Cuffe, who narrates the trailer) and his attempts to restore honor to the House of El, but as you can see from this trailer, there’s a bit of time travel involved as a mysterious figure informs the lead character that his grandson is a legend and then hands him Superman’s cape.

It’s widely believed that this mysterious figure is Adam Strange. Played by Shaun Sipos (The Vampire Diaries) Strange is a human from the DC universe who is suddenly transported from Earth to Krypton two generations before Superman’s birth. Deadline reported last year that in the show, Strange would find companionship with Superman’s grandfather Seg-El, as a grander plot unfolds about heroes and villains from the present meddling with Superman’s future.

So with this time travel nonsense, the story of Krypton appears to be about how it avoids destruction…for now.

It’s possible that this will borrow from a Terminator-style plot, where arch villains from Kal-El’s time on Earth – our present – attempt to prevent him from ever being sent here, one way or another, à la John Connor.

The series premieres on Syfy on March 21st.

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