God of War release date confirmed for April

God of War release date confirmed for April

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Sony has announced that the Norse-themed reboot of God of War will be released on April 20th for PS4.

The return of gaming’s favourite deity slayer features some fairly drastic changes alongside the new setting. Gone are the wide angle shots of Kratos creating fountains of blood by flinging the Blades of Chaos at all manner of beasties. Instead, we have a much tighter behind-the-shoulder perspective and a more weighty, deliberate combat system.

The latest trailer also puts a huge emphasis on the game’s story, which sees Kratos attempt to teach his son Atreus how to live in his new world while tempering his own infamous, pent-up rage.

Because God of War is a videogame released in 2018, Sony has also announced a number of special editions and pre-order bonuses alongside the release date.

All pre-orders will receive three exclusive legendary shield skins, while select retailers will also offer a ‘Luck of Ages’ item.

As for special editions, the Collector’s Edition comes with a Kratos and Atreus statue, steelbook case, a Nuldra Brothers carving, exclusive lithograph and cloth map. You’ll also receive the Death’s Vow armour set, Exile’s Guardian shield, Dark Horse comic, Dark Horse artbook and dynamic PS4 theme as digital goodies.

The Limited Edition keeps things a lot simpler by offering just the steelbook, artbook, armour set and shield. The Digital Deluxe edition (as you might guess) just includes all the downloadable content.

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