Detective Pikachu to receive a western release on Nintendo 3DS

Detective Pikachu to receive a western release on Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo has announced that 3DS title Detective Pikachu will receive a western release, revealing an English trailer. The game will arrive in Europe and the US this March.

Players take control of Tim Goodman, who arrives in Ryme City looking for his missing father, Harry. Upon arrival, Tim meets a ‘talking’ Pikachu who boasts about being “a great detective”. With countless Pokémon to meet, this is where Detective Pikachu’s talents really shine, for he can communicate with the other Pokémon. With his “bolt of brilliance” and short video Pika Prompts, you might be able to catch a hint or two and advance the case. Together they team up, look for clues, talk to witnesses and uncover the secrets of Ryme City in the hope of finding Tim’s father.

Check out the trailer to see a gruff talking, coffee drinking Pikachu that does not like being bossed around.

A limited edition Detective Pikachu amiibo is also planned for release when the game launches. A little bigger than a regular amiibo, it will allow players to view all the Pika Prompts video clips from chapters they have completed (even ones they’ve missed).The game was first released in Japan back in February 2016, but this version adds additional content to the story and new locations for Tim and Detective Pikachu to explore. A film adaptation is set for release in 2019.

Detective Pikachu is released across Europe and the US on 23 March 2018.


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