Netflix officially confirms sequel to Bright is on the way

Netflix officially confirms sequel to Bright is on the way

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Bright is set to become Netflix’s first movie franchise as they have now officially confirmed that a sequel is in the works.

Reportedly Netflix’s most expensive movie so far with a budget of $90 million, Bright hit the streaming service in December 2017. Set in an alternate present-day where orcs, elves, and fairies co-exist with humans, it stars Will Smith as Daryl Ward, a cop whose job is put to the test when he is assigned a new partner, Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), an orc. However, they must both work together when they come into possession of a magic wand.

While there was already talk of a sequel, Netflix made the official announcement with a video, also declaring on Twitter that “Orc auditions for the @BrightNetflix sequel are now closed.” The video also manages to reference the likes of Alien Nation and Shadowrun.

Netflix does not release viewing figures for their content, but did reveal Bright to be their highest viewed Netflix film ever for its first week. As reported on Screen Daily, according to Nielsen Media Research, 11 million US Netflix users streamed Bright though their TV on its first three days. Nielsen also estimated that those 11 million viewers would roughly equate for a $98.2 million opening weekend at the US box office had the film been released on the big screen (though you do have to take into account the difference between pushing a few buttons in your living room and the cost of travel and tickets to your nearest cinema).

Both Will Smith and Joel Edgerton will be returning for the sequel, along with David Ayer who will write and direct. Original writer Max Landis will not be returning.

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