Apple might buy Netflix in $100bn deal

Apple might buy Netflix in $100bn deal

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Is 2018 the year when the big fish become the biggest fish? Disney has all but eaten Fox in a deal worth over $66billion. And it’s no secret Disney aims to pull all its content off Netflix – which will of course include every Marvel movie, every Star Wars movie, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Archer and the rest – so that it can develop it’s own streaming service.

Now it seems, the other large corporate giant, Apple, might also be making a massive push into the streaming TV world.

Analysts at Citi believe there’s a 40% chance the tech giant could buy Netflix, according to Yahoo!  The recently passed tax cuts will enable Apple to free up overseas cash that it had not previously been able to move to the United States. With a newly lowered repatriation tax at a one-time fee of 10%, the company could move its $252 billion foreign war chest back to American shores without a major tax blow. The company would need only some of the remaining $220 billion to buy Netflix outright.

The deal would be in the region of $100billion, however, Apple, whose stock price has surged 50 percent this year, is worth almost $900 billion…and is on its way to becoming the first trillion-dollar company. Netflix’s annual $10 billion revenue won’t move the needle much for Apple, which does that much in sales about every two weeks.

Only a few weeks ago, Apple announced it was buying up an original space drama TV series from Battlestar Galactica creator, Ron Moore.

It’s also is reportedly planning to spend beyond a previously-reported $1billion budget on original video and Erlicht and Van Amburg are said to be tasked with securing “around a dozen” original TV shows. And while Netflix is more about binge-watching shows long before the sun comes up than starting your day with the morning news, acquiring the service would give Apple a well-known, huge streaming platform to debut its new shows on.

Plus of course, it would give Apple another platform to take on the might of the Jeff Bezos juggernaut.

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