Stargate: Origins trailer and release date

Stargate: Origins trailer and release date

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Just a few days ago, principal photography wrapped on Stargate Origins and to celebrate, MGM released a behind-the-scenes featurette that showed off a bit of what to expect when the show debuts next year on the studio’s dedicated streaming service for the franchise, Stargate Command.

And now the official trailer has been released and an air date has been announced….

…and it’s scheduled to land on February 15th.

Directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan, the show will serve as a prequel to the 1994 film Stargate and the 1997 TV show Stargate SG-1, which kicked off the larger television franchise. It will follow Catherine Langford, the daughter of the explorer who discovered the titular alien device in Egypt, and who would go on to play a small, but important role in both film and television series.

Australian actress Ellie Gall stars as a young Catherine Langford – the daughter of Professor Langford (Connor Trinneer) – as she embarks on “an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save Earth from unimaginable darkness” in pre-World War II Egypt. There’s even a hint of Indiana Jones to it.

In the established canon, she was a young girl when the Stargate was first discovered on the Giza Plateau. However, from the trailer, it looks like they work out the address to Abydos and even visit, which runs a risk of violating Stargate canon. Aside from the Ernest Littlefield incident, which was in Stargate SG1 “The Torment of Tantalus” (season 1, episode 11), the first time was activated was when Colonel O’Neil and Dr. Jackson went through in the movie.

Stargate Origins will be available on MGM’s own streaming service, Stargate Command and take the form of a digital series. An ‘All-Access’ pass will need to be purchased in order to watch the series. For $20, you will get…
 first access to Stargate Origins and unlock exclusive content, with an inside view into the production of the new series
 be able to stream the ultimate Stargate library including SG-1AtlantisUniverse and all 3 movies
 stream Stargate Origins before anyone else
 get behind-the-scenes access to Stargate Origins from the writers’ room to the production to the premiere
 receive an authenticated, members only digital edition of the Stargate Origins pilot script

Mark Ilvedson and Justin Michael Terry are writing the show, consisting of 10 episodes with each one lasting about approximately 10 minutes.

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  1. Bryan Legate
    21 December 2017, 13:54 Bryan Legate

    I’m going to be *that guy*, partly because it’s my job. The captains uniform is wrong if it’s pre-war Egypt. I can’t comment on the German uniforms, as they’re not my thing, but depending on how far pre-war they are going (iirc the gate was unearthed in 1928 although i don’t know if we learnt when it was shipped out) then the MP38 is also out of place. An MP28 would have looked cool though.

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