Star Wars: The Last Jedi posts second-largest opening ever with $220 million

Star Wars: The Last Jedi posts second-largest opening ever with $220 million

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As expected, Star Wars fever has taken the box office by storm as the latest installment, The Last Jedi, posted an opening weekend of $220 million from 4,232 screens. That’s the second highest domestic opening of all-time behind the film’s 2015 predecessor, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and a 41 percent jump over the $155 million opening posted by last year’s Rogue One.

The film opened with $104.8 million on Friday (including $45 million from Thursday previews), making it only the second film to earn $100 million on opening day. This was followed by $63.7 million on Saturday and a projected $52 million on Sunday.

This total also pushes Disney past the $2 billion mark domestically for the third consecutive year and into the top spot among all studios for domestic revenue. In total, The Last Jedi has posted a global opening of $450 million excluding China, where the film opens on January 5.

Hardcore fans have been debating the film’s merits since screenings started on Thursday evening, but most critics and audiences have given the film a thumbs up with an A on CinemaScore and a 93 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. Read our review here.

And don’t forget, in just five month’s time…we get another one, Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to be released on May 25 next year.

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Traditionally, there’s always been years between Star Wars movies and 16 years between trilogies. Then it shrank – it took 10 years to get The Force Awakens after Revenge of the Sith, and since then Star Wars movies have been a mere year apart. But now, for the first – and probably last – time ever, we’ll have two new Star Wars films in only six months.

Sounds crazy, right? That’s crazy. It’s crazier still when you realize we have yet to see a single official image from Solo. The only poster released is a simple logo. With The Last Jedi, fans saw the first footage nine months out – giving the marketing machine a really long time to draw out every last ounce of media coverage and merchandize opportunities…and now that time is being cut in half.

Presumably we’ll get a trailer very soon, then a poster and some photos. Then TV spots and interviews and before you know it, we’ll be being bombarded everywhere we look, with equally tenuous news stories tied precariously to any possible Star Wars association they can.

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