QUBE 2 video game preview

QUBE 2 video game preview

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Having laid a solid foundation with the original QUBE, Toxic Games is looking to expand and improve its first-person puzzler with the upcoming sequel. The same environmental puzzles remain at the game’s core, tasking you with manipulating parts of the world in order to progress through a series of challenges.

Equipped with a strange pair of gloves you can essentially ‘paint’ blocks in the environment a certain colour to give them different properties. For example, orange cubes can be raised or lowered, while blue segments can be used to bounce yourself or other objects. The puzzle is figuring how all these moving parts fit together to reach an exit.

It’s easy to recommend to anyone who’s found themselves absorbed by games such as Portal, The Talos Principle or The Witness – especially now that Toxic Games has put extra work into crafting a mysterious story and building an enigmatic world this time around too.

DEVELOPER: Toxic Games
PUBLISHER: Toxic Games
RELEASE: Early 2018
FORMATS: PS4, Xbox One, PC

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