Portal has returned…as a Bridge Constructor spin-off

Portal has returned…as a Bridge Constructor spin-off

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At last, we’re getting more Portal. Um, hold on a second, what’s all this stuff about bridges?

Yep, you’re seeing things correctly. Valve and Headup Games have announced Bridge Constructor Portal – a spin-off of the chasm closing puzzler set in the world of GLaDOS and Aperture Science.

Your goal in each stage is to build a bridge capable of transporting your army of forklift trucks to the exit. Sometimes this seems to stretch the definition of ‘bridge’ pretty far, though, with all sorts of yawning gaps to navigate using a range of techniques.

GLaDOS returns too, likely to goad you with every one of your failed attempts.

Bridge Constructor Portal will be released for PC, Mac and Linux on December 20th. A console release for PS4, Xbox One and Switch will follow in early 2018.

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