PlayStation Anthology tells the story of Sony’s game-changing console

PlayStation Anthology tells the story of Sony’s game-changing console

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Sony’s PlayStation changed everything when it was released to the world in December 1994.

It was the brainchild of Ken Kutaragi, a Sony executive who had just finished managing one of the company’s hardware engineering divisions at that time, he would later be known as “The Father of the PlayStation”.


The simplicity of design was arguably the console’s single biggest draw. It was pretty durable – it could happily be thrown into a rucksack and taken to your mate’s house to play – and it was child’s play to set up and use. Since then of course, we’ve had three successive models, along with Slim, Pro and Special Edition variations.

Now, much like the successful Nintendo 64 Anthology book, the PlayStation Anthology charts the development of this game-changing console.

The anthology offers a full history of Sony’s first PlayStation console, from its genesis (like the extensive research and development of the all-important controller) successes and fame, to its well-earned retirement in the early 2000’s. It includes at look at games that were planned but cancelled, official accessories, as well as 26 interviews and never before released information.

The Collector’s Edition offers 458 packed pages, while the Classic Edition is 386 pages. Both are hardback, but the former also includes a complete collector’s guide to 4,500 games that were released for this console, including the rarest and most sought after.

We’ll be running a full review of this very soon, so look out for that. The PlayStation Anthology is available for £34.90 on Amazon and $44.90, also on Amazon.

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