Last-minute Christmas Gift Guide: sponsored by Reel Cult Art

Last-minute Christmas Gift Guide: sponsored by Reel Cult Art

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From sweet treats, laid-back scooters and killer T-shirts to gaming-based candles, brilliant art and amazing hair accessories, we’ve got you covered when it comes to those last-minute holiday geek gifts.

Reel Cult Art RoboCop T-shirt

The bad guys might think they’ve killed officer Murphy but all they’ve done is put him at the head of the queue for resurrection as a powerful destructive force. Kitted out with some high-tech weaponry, he’s Dirty Harry in a tin can. This T-shirt from Reel Cult Art celebrates the original – and best! – version of the character. We’d buy that for a dollar! Heck, we’ll go as high as £25.99.

Reel Cult Art’s designs stretch far beyond this T-shirt, and they can be printed on a mug, a throw pillow, a tote bag and numerous other handy items!

RRP: £17.40-£25.99
Available at Reel Cult Art on Red Bubble



Satisfy your snack and candy cravings with a monthly subscription to this Japanese sweet box. Filled to the brim with the latest and greatest tasty treats, it comes in two sizes – mini and GIGA. If you’re a newbie to Japanese food, the mini AmaiBox is a great way to try out some awesome goodies. The bigger GIGA AmaiBox is made for true fans of Asian sweets, chocolate and snacks and includes a Japanese drink. The price depends on the length of your subscription, from one month to six months.

RRP: £10-£15 (mini AmaiBox); £18-£25 (GIGA AmaiBox)
Available at Something Japanese


Classic Stills: Roger Moore

Los Angeles fine art publisher Classic Stills has put a rare collection of Roger Moore images on sale. Sourced from the ITV photo archives, these 12 images were taken during the filming of the’60s TV show, The Saint, and include publicity pics and candid behind-the-scenes shots. They’ve never previously been available for purchase and sales will be limited to 150 framed prints of each image in three sizes.

RRP: £199-£225
Available at Classic Stills


MyM magazine subscription

Getting MyM delivered every month is like being handed an MCM Comic Con you can enjoy in your home or on the go. Featuring top guests, great merchandise, awesome cosplay, fab comics and manga, TV treats and brilliant video and tabletop games, it’s the ultimate entertainment package! Treat your friends – or yourself – to a 12-month subscription for the best deal.

RRP: £17 (six-month UK subscription); £30 (12-month UK subscription)
Available at MCM Comic Con Online Store


Game of Thrones Dorbz & Rock Candy figures

Look at these adorable Game of Thrones regulars in chibi and mini collectable form! There are a number of characters available, including Daenerys, the Red Witch, Arya and Jaime. Our faves are the Jon Snow Dorbz figure and the Brienne Rock Candy vinyl collectible. The Cersei Dorbz figure is a little creepy, though – she’s smiling, which makes us think she’s watching someone being tortured…

RRP: £9.99 each (Dorbz figures), £14.98 each (Rock Candy figures)
Available at the HBO Shop


KeySmart organiser

Say hello to our new favourite thing! Some ideas are so simple you wonder why it took so long for them to happen – we’re talking wheels on suitcases here. In much the same way, you’ll wonder why you struggled on with bulky clutches of keys in your pocket before you got a KeySmart. Custom upgrade options include a USB drive and a bottle opener, further enhancing the Swiss Army-style feel of this nifty little gadget.

RRP: KeySMart Extended ($19.99, £14.85), folding knife ($12.49), screwdriver ($12.49), nano pen ($13.99), 16GB USB 3.0 ($25)
Available at KeySmart


Sphero Battle-scarred BB-8 and Force Band

BB-8 gets into plenty of scrapes during the latest Star Wars movies, so it’s only fitting that Sphero has forged a special collector’s edition battle-worn model of our fave new droid (sorry, R2!). Bundled together with the Force Band, fans can now control their loyal droid using a few simple Jedi-esque hand gestures. Thrust your hand forward to send BB-8 into driving mode, turn your palm down and BB-8 will look away from you, turn your hand up and it’ll look back at you. The band also uses light cues and vibrations to alert you of disturbances in the force, allowing you to collect digital relics in a smartphone app in a similar fashion to Pokémon Go. It may be a sci-fi cliché, but this is the droid you’re looking for.

RRP: £179.99
Available at Very


Creepies characters

Creepies were created in 2013 when Mrs Creepy bought her love of Halloween to life with a packet of clay. Four years on, the creepy family is packed full of oddballs – from Batty and Moggy the Cat to Devil, Zombear and many more. Each character is hand-made, sculpted from polymer clay and has its own personality and backstory, including likes and dislikes. Plus, if you have a creepy character idea of your own, they can make it a reality.

RRP: £14.50-£22
Available at Creepies


Legend of Zelda Triforce lamp

This official Zelda merchandise enables you to turn any room in your abode into a Temple of Light. The relic projects the crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule and provides a source of power, wisdom, courage and illumination (although we can only vouch for that last one). Powered by USB or batteries, the freestanding lamp measures 20cm tall and includes non-slip feet – making it perfect for a desk or bedside table.

RRP: £23.99
Available at Gamerabilia


Janine Basil hair accessories

Whether you love glittery bows, quirky hair clips or something more gothic, you can really make a statement with this range of retro-style hats, headpieces and funky fascinators. Since each item is handmade to order, you can even submit your own custom designs.

RRP: £10-£55
Available at Janine Basil’s Boutique


Gametee candles

With fragrances including Dwarven Mead and Elven Wellspring, and inspirations including Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda, this luxury range of candles is a wonderful addition to any late-night gaming session. Each candle is made from 100 per cent natural soy wax and burns for up to 20 hours.

RRP: £4.99-£6.99
Available at Gametee


Opposuits Star Wars Stormtrooper suit

Whether you’re applying for a job aboard the Death Star (make sure you get exhaust port explosion insurance!) or going to a Christmas party at the Mos Eisley Cantina, your friends won’t find your lack of style disturbing if you suit up in this officially licenced outfit.

RRP: £74.95
Available at Opposuits


Schleich Marvel figures

Avengers assemble! Schleich has created a range of collectables aimed at fans of Marvel’s superheroes (and supervillains, unless Green Goblin’s suddenly had a change of heart about his hatred for Spider-Man). Thor, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and the green meanie have each been individually hand-painted, with great attention to detail. Check out Iron Man’s gold and red high-tech battle suit, the lavishly designed Doctor Strange, with all of the character’s clothing and accessories emulated, or the Green Goblin, posing on his classic glider and ready to attack! They join a range that already includes Hulk and Captain America.

RRP: £9.99

Available at Jarrold


Reel Cult Art Shogun Assassin T-shirt

When flitting between coffee shops in Dulwich Village, it’s not the parents you have to worry about, it’s the slash of that baby cart which’ll do you in. The same goes for Ogami and his nipper, and their dual-action katana and perambulator attack are captured to great effect on this amazing T-shirt.

RRP: £17.40-£25.99
Available at Reel Cult Art on Red Bubble


Wallet Ninja

All too often we open our wallet to the sight of moths departing for better shores. So this credit card-sized gadget featuring tools for various jobs is a real upgrade! It includes three screwdrivers; six hex heads for dealing with nuts and bolts; openers for bottles, cans and letters; a box cutter; a ruler; a phone stand and even a peeler. Meanwhile, its 1.5mm of heat-treated steel will apparently never chip, rust or bend. It’s even TSA approved to carry on flights, so you can be truly ninja-like and get into those impossible-to-open peanuts.

RRP: £8.99
Available at MenKind


Skull Tidy

If you’re like us, you’ll know the struggle of trying to locate your daily essentials amongst all the stuff that is lying around on your desk. Don’t lose your head over the mess. De-clutter and become an organisational pro with this grim-yet-quirky desk tidy. This detailed resin skull is designed to hold everything you need: from your phone and keys to your glasses and loose change. Available in black or white, it would look just as awesome as a decoration by itself.

RRP: £40
Available at SuckUK


Helix classic Star Wars stationery

Harking back to a long time ago in a galaxy quite, quite near, Helix has produced a range of memorabilia that combines the original 1977 creative design it launched 40 years ago with modern-day stationery essentials. Four retro collection packs – Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo – are available for the best value purchase, containing a maths set, pencil case, 30cm ruler, six pencils and a Death Star pencil sharpener. Keep your eyes peeled for limited-edition Princess Leia Helix pencil cases, which are extremely rare, as only 150 have been produced, as well as new Ben Kenobi pencil cases, as only 1,000 of those have been introduced.

RRP: £14.99 (retro collection pack)
Available at Marple Stationery Online


Fairy Tale Necklaces

The inspirations for Laliblue’s vintage-styled jewellery include the circus, retro musical cinema, nature, the world of magic and classic tales from Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. The resulting jewellery – made from wood, resin, cast metal, acrylic and brass – is dedicated to women who still feel like little girls. And each piece looks amazing, with its tiny, detailed scene preserved inside.

RRP: £25.75
Available at LaliblueShop on Etsy


Yummy World plushies

Have you ever seen a more scrumptious assortment of adorable, food-themed plushies? This tasty collection of fun toys is made up of a cast of unique characters – from plushies that look like ketchup and fries to drinks, ice creams and sausage links. Best of all, you can enjoy all the sweetness of this collection without fearing for your cavities.

RRP: $5.99-$29.99 (£4.50-£22.65)
Available at Kidrobot


Chic Geeks jewellery

We’re loving the jewellery created by the folks over at Chic Geeks. There are a ton of items to choose from, paying homage to franchises as diverse as Assassin’s Creed and the Divergent series. But our fave is this pair of Star Wars BB-8 earrings that are only 1.5cm long but have lots of detail.

RRP: £6.99
Available at Chic Geeks


The Art of Overwatch

This beautiful hardcover book digs deep beneath the creative process behind one of the most popular FPS games of all time, showing off never-before-seen art, with commentary provided by the development team. It’s the essential companion you need when your online companions let you down and you end up on the wrong end of the Play of the Game.

RRP: £44.99 (Hardcover), £99.99 (Limited-edition Hardcover)
Available at Forbidden Planet


Chibi DC Christmas baubles

There are a ton of superhero and video game-inspired baubles to decorate your tree this Christmas, but for our money, these cutesy representations of the Justice League are the way to go.

RRP: £14.99
Available at Yellow Bulldog


Kikuya Kanzashi hair ornaments

Kikuya Kanzashi enjoys creating authentic Japanese tsumami kanzashi handcrafts, which are inspired by the Geiko and Maiko styles of Kyoto, Japan. Made from high-quality fabrics sourced directly from the Orient, the UK-based retailer uses traditional techniques to create a variety of beautiful hair ornaments. From roses to multi-petal flowers, each hairpiece is attached to a comb, pin or hair clip and varies in colour and design. They’re perfect for any occasion and are subtle enough to wear every day.

RRP: £7-£52
Available at Kikuya Kanzashi


R2-D2 Kitchen Timer

We all know that R2-D2 is the real hero of the rebellion (seriously, the Empire would have won on numerous occasions if he hadn’t been there to save the so-called heroes’ bacon). Now he could be there to literally save your bacon, too. Simply twist his head to choose up to an hour’s timing and he’ll sound the alarm when your food is ready.

RRP: £11.99
Available at The Gift Oasis


UK Invasion fine art prints

Visual creative Stuart MacKay infuses fine art painting with innovative graphic design. His lengthy process starts with a conceptual thought and he uses photographic studies to design the composition in the form of a photo-montage. The result? Daleks mashed up with everything from fire engines and vegetables to London’s Gerkin in his UK Invasion series. Brilliant!

RRP: £49.50 (set of three giclée prints), £266.20 (limited-edition framed giclée print)
Available at Stu Mackay Fine Art


Zinc Smart Kart

As if the Zinc Hoverboard wasn’t already cool enough, propelling you along at 7.5-8mph with just a lean forward, you can now transform it into a racing kart! Clip your hoverboard into the universal fit Smart Kart and then pop yourself into that bucket seat, using the adjustable footrests and easy control levers to bring the race to life!

RRP: £99.99 (Smart Kart), £249.99 (Smart X Hoverboard)
Available at Argos


Star Wars Kirigami book

Looking to keep your Star Wars-obsessed partner/child/relative/alien invader (delete as necessary) busy on Christmas day? Look no further than this brilliant book, which includes 15 kirigami (cut and fold) ships from the epic saga. Bang up to date, it even includes Rey’s speeder.

RRP: £21.99
Available at Blackwell’s


Smart Arts Gallery limited-edition coins

Limited to just 5,000 worldwide, these officially licensed high-quality coins feature Back to the Future, Streetfighter and Sonic the Hedgehog. Highly detailed and embossed on both sides, with individual numbering, you won’t want to accidentally spend these collectables.

RRP: £12
Available at Smart Arts gallery


Sony PlayStation Gaming Glasses

Long video game sessions can make your eyes feel strained – how frustrating is it to miss that vital shot because you feel a little fatigued? These official Sony PS4 gaming glasses have been engineered to reduce those effects. The amber lenses provide sharper, clearer vision, while reducing UV glare and helping block blue light. A natural arc curve design and a lightweight frame also offer prolonged comfort, even during marathon gaming sessions.

RRP: £24.99
Available at Yellow Bulldog


Nokia 3310 mobile phone

Technology may have moved on but not everything is better than it used to be – remember when you could leave the house without a charger? Say hello to the reimagined Nokia 3310. If you fancy taking a Facebook break, this is how to do it in style. With just 2G connectivity for calling and texting, there’s no mobile connectivity to sap your charge, leading to an awesome battery life with up to 22 hours of talk time. Legendary mobile game Snake also returns, with an update for that colour screen. Classic, in every sense of the word.

RRP: £49.99
Available at Vodafone


Star Wars beanie hats

That drop in temperature can mean only one thing – it’s beanie season! Numskull has added four new Star Wars designs, including the Empire, the Rebel Alliance, Boba Fett and – our fave – the AT-AT. You’ve never looked cooler while keeping warm.

RRP: £14.99
Available at Numskull 

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