Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle REVIEW

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle REVIEW

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Whether you enjoy this sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams movie probably relies on how much you like its lead. In the very first moment in his very first scene in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, Dwayne Johnson performs his signature move: raising his eyebrow. If you laugh, you’re in. If you don’t… well, you might be better off doing something non-Rock-related instead.

After a run of often awful movies (Baywatch, anyone?), it’s heartening to see that The Rock has finally found a project to team his powerful charisma to a funny script. Merging The Breakfast Club with Tron (now there’s a combo…), Jumanji sees a random group of schoolkids on detention being flung into a magical computer game, only instead of Tron‘s light-cycles they get to ride elephants. The fun part comes from the fact they all morph into the game’s avatars: the fridge-like football jock becomes tiny Kevin Hart; the shy girl becomes Karen Gillan’s half-naked man-killer; the selfie-obsessed drama queen turns into Jack Black – who, rather amazingly, plays her likeably, without going overboard (the moment when she discovers she has a penis aside, naturally). And as for the Jewish nerd who’s built like a twig? He’s Dwayne Johnson. Of course.

The group team up with another missing gamer, played by the unfeasibly smiley Nick Jonas, and try to save the land of Jumanji so they can get back to reality. Their adventures – while cheesy and largely predictable – are also jolly entertaining (though it’s disappointing to see Gillan reduced to being nothing more than ‘babe who kicks arse and flicks her hair around’, yuck). You will chuckle; you may even all-out laugh. And if you like gags about rhino genitals, you might even guffaw. You weirdo, you.

Reviewed By: Mia Culpa
Release: Out Now
From: Sony Pictures Releasing
Format: Theatrical Release
Age Rating: 12A

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