Her Story dev unveils interactive series #WarGames

Her Story dev unveils interactive series #WarGames

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Sam Barlow, the creator of the phenomenal investigative masterpiece Her Story, has released a teaser trailer for his next project: an interactive series based on ’80s sci-fi classic WarGames.

#WarGames – as it has been dubbed due to the modern-day requirement of everything being a hashtag – has been described by Barlow as “a YA [young adult] Homeland or a Teen Blacklist” in which the choices you make affect the outcome of events across the series.

Not much is known about the specifics of the story, but Barlow has revealed that it will focus on a female hacker who is “likeable and not a nihilist”. One point of reference does spring quickly to mind, but Barlow doesn’t want you comparing it to Mr Robot.

The “experimental interactive series” is made in partnership with Eko and MGM and will debut in 2018.

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