World of Final Fantasy available now on PC

World of Final Fantasy available now on PC

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Mega-cute Final Fantasy RPG mash-up, World of Final Fantasy, is available now on PC via Steam.

Originally released on PS4 and Vita at the end of 2016, World of Final Fantasy teleports twins Reynn and Lann to the world of Grymoire where they find themselves bumping into characters from across the Final Fantasy series.

The likes of Yuna and Cloud can join them in battle alongside an army of other monsters and critters you’d recognise from the games. These ‘Mirages’ can be captured to form your party during combat and can fight as individual minions or a peculiar stack of up to three at a time.

Imagine something like Pokémon but with behemoths and Moogles instead of Pidgeys and Pikachu.

The PC release includes a selection of new creatures and characters, and anyone who purchases the game from now until November 28th will get the Day One Edition for free. This includes a digital soundtrack sampler and a Final Fantasy themed wallpaper.

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