Work on a new Nier game is in progress

Work on a new Nier game is in progress

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Good news for any fans of this year’s revelatory Nier: Automata – it sounds like a new Nier game is in the very early stages of development.

In an interview (picked up by Ryokutya2089) with the game’s producer, Yosuke Saito, it was confirmed that the developers are currently “making preparations for the setting”.

Recently, Square Enix also put out a job listing for a Nier-related scenario planner, further suggesting work on a new game in the series was in development.

When Saito was asked if Nier‘s enigmatic director Yoko Taro would be returning for the next game he said, “He is…I would like to believe (laughs). Yoko says he will do anything as long as he receives money for it, but there is no one who doesn’t move for money as much as that man.”

Hopefully, the positive reception of Nier Automata – and the sales success it had across PS4 and PC – has been enough to encourage Square Enix to deliver on a sequel. This is one we’ll be following very closely.

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