Watch the new opening movie to Secret of Mana

Watch the new opening movie to Secret of Mana

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The upcoming Secret of Mana remake is going to spruce up the SNES classic with updated visuals, refined gameplay and a reworked soundtrack – just to name a few things. Today, however, Square Enix has unveiled the game’s new opening movie, which sets the scene for Randi, Primm and Popoi’s story.

Referring to a time when ‘Mana’ was a resource harvested by humans so that they could prosper, things inevitably went to hell when we used it to create a powerful Mana Fortress weapon. This, understandably, angered the gods, and a battle ensued between humans and the Mana beasts. A hero arose, wielding the Mana Sword, who was able to destroy the Mana Fortress and also wipe the resource from the planet. The video ends with an ominous reminder that history is likely to repeat itself.

This is where the game’s protagonist, Randi, steps in. By sheer chance, he discovers the resting place of the Mana Sword, pulls it from the stone it resides in and so must go on a quest to prevent the Empire from wielding the power of Mana once again.

If that taste of what’s to come has you intrigued, the Secret of Mana remake is coming to PS4, PS Vita and PC on February 15th.

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