Tom Paton’s Black Site: British acting legend may join cast, plus end credit tease

Tom Paton’s Black Site: British acting legend may join cast, plus end credit tease

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Tom Paton’s latest film Black Site is currently in post-production and actor Toby Osmond has teased a last-minute, big-name addition to the cast.

“They have finished principle photography and Tom was at AFM in LA. I can’t tell you who, but I believe in theory there is a well-loved British actor, who’s a legend, who will be doing a role in a security office,” he told MyM magazine during an exclusive chat. “They’re thinking about doing that as an extra thing, which would add to it. It’d be fucking great to have him in the film.”

Osmond has a small role in Black Site, as a scientist in a training video. “My role is hilarious – we only did a day on it but it was such a great part. He’s a dodgy professor type who is based on those videotapes in Lost. ‘Welcome to Pearl Station. Do not press this button’ – he’s that guy, basically, but a bit more tongue in cheek.”

However, Paton has suggested Black Site could become a trilogy if it’s successful, and that could see Osmond taking on a larger role in the sequels.

“He is potentially a returning character but we can’t say what as,” Osmond shares. “The thing is that bastard Tom Paton is so talented that he can rewrite a script in two days. You know how Rocky was written in a weekend, he’s one of those gits. At the moment he’s got a story arc in his head for at least a trilogy of films but it could all change at the drop of a hat. So I don’t want to jinx it.

“But potentially he will come back in the second and third films as a substantially increased character. Even if he just came back as the guy on the videotapes, he’s hilarious and I love him.”

There’s one final tease for the movie, as Osmond suggests you might not want to vacate your cinema seat when the titles start to roll.

“Hopefully watch the titles at the end of Black Site because there may be some extras. We’ll see if they make it into the edit.”

Toby Osmond is appearing in The Goodnight Girl at The Bunker, London Bridge from 19 November 2017, which is part of the Damsel Develops series. The feature film Kaufman’s Game, which he co-produced and also stars in, is showing at the Odeon Richmond from 20-22 November 2017.  

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