Soul Eater Complete Series Box Set ANIME REVIEW

Soul Eater Complete Series Box Set ANIME REVIEW

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Having given moe-flavoured prequel series Soul Eater NOT! a Blu-ray release earlier this year, Manga UK is now doing the same for its big sister. Weighing in at a hefty 51 episodes, Soul Eater tells the story of scythe-toting schoolgirl Maka and her shapeshifted weapon Soul. The duo attend the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA), set up by Lord Death himself to train pairs of meisters and weapons to battle witches and reap evil souls before they become demon eggs.

While Maka Albarn – a hard-working girl with a swift temper and mad combat skills – and her anthropomorphic scythe (and wannabe cool rebel) partner Soul Evans are the leads of this Studio Bones series, they’re backed by a memorably colourful cast of characters. These include two more meister/weapon pairings – boastful Naruto-esque ninja Black☆Star and the ever-patient Tsubaki, and the ultra OCD Death the Kid, who fights using pistol sisters Liz and Patty Thompson.

Considering Soul Eater manga creator Atsushi Ohkubo’s penchant for musical references, it’s rather appropriate that Bones’ anime adaptation has a real rock ’n’ roll swagger to it, combining explosive, hi-energy action scenes with a self-consciously cartoony aesthetic that drips with gothic style. However, it’s the characters themselves who prove the main attraction, from chain-smoking Doctor Stein and zombie teacher Sid Barrett to malevolent witch Medusa and her hapless, oddly adorable goon Eruka Frog. Oh, and Excalibur, of course – a legendarily powerful sword who’s so insufferably annoying that no-one can bring themselves to wield him.

Downsides? Well, Soul Eater’s plot tends to pale in comparison to its all-star cast, meandering in parts and losing our interest towards the end (where it also departs from Ohkubo’s manga the most). That’s easy to overlook when your screen is popping with stylish action and Tim Burton-on-Red Bull visuals, though; Soul Eater may be nearly a decade old, but it still feels like a breath of fresh air. Reviewed by Dave Axbey

RELEASE: 27 November 2017
FROM: Manga UK
FORMAT: Blu-ray
PRICE (RRP): £49.99


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