Perfume perform individually for FUTURE EXPERIMENT

Perfume perform individually for FUTURE EXPERIMENT

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If there’s one J-pop group you can count on to utilise new technology in their work, then it’s Perfume.

Collaborating with Japanese telecom company NTT Docomo on a project called FUTURE EXPERIMENT, the experiment itself involved the trio being in separate locations around the world, yet performing at the same time. So a-chan didn’t have to go very far, performing in Tokyo; but NOOCHi was in New York, and KASHIYUKA was in London.

Performing to a new song titled FUSION (by Yasutaka Nakata), each member is dancing on their own stage, yet NTT Docomo’s technology makes it appear seamless, as if they are together. The purpose of the experiment? To showcase NTT Docomo’s new 5G mobile technology, which enables high-definition simultaneous live broadcasts (and in this experiment, from different locations), capable of transmitting 8K video.

The event was live-streamed on 8 November 2017, but NTT Docomo has uploaded the video on their YouTube channel. The technology itself is impressive but blended with Perfume’s talents, we can see that even when they’re thousands of miles apart from each other, they can still deliver a flawless routine.

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