Magic: The Gathering Unstable draft tournament weekend approaches

Magic: The Gathering Unstable draft tournament weekend approaches

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Unstable is the long-awaited third “un-set” from epic collectible card game Magic: The Gathering, and its release will be marked with a Draft Weekend in local game stores. Over the weekend of Saturday 9 to Sunday 10 December 2017, if you participate in the celebration of this new release at a hobby store, you can receive a special Earl of Squirrel promo card.

If you’ve never seen an MTG un-set before, Unstable is a humour and parody-themed expansion set for Magic, following in the footsteps of Unglued (August 1998) and Unhinged (November 2004).

“This silver-bordered – rather than black-bordered – expansion of 216-ish cards breaks the rules of what is possible in Magic games in a hilarious fashion,” a spokesman told MyMBuzz. “It’ll easily be the most you’ve ever laughed playing Magic, when you play cards that require you to, for example, compliment an opponent, get as many high-fives as possible in 30 seconds, play a game of Hangman or hide a card on the battlefield without your opponent noticing.”

The new deck also includes two new highly experimental mechanics:

  • Contraptions are assembled from a separate side deck, and represent you inventing Rube-Goldberg-esque machinery.
  • Host-Augment allows you to combine two creatures in hundreds of new combinations, like a Ninja-Kitten or a Monkey-Vacuum.

You can find details of the Draft Weekend and local games stores here, and you can see a gallery of all the Unstable cards here.

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