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With a foot firmly set in ’80s-era action movies, Huntdown is a tough-as-nails throwback to the classic side-scrolling shooters of old. Playing as bounty hunters in a dystopian future city rife with gang violence, you and a partner must clean them off the streets and take out their leaders – all for a day’s pay.

You’ll blast through the thugs and goons who dare stand in your way, delivering justice with pistols, rifles and even a flamethrower if you feel it’s necessary. It’s hectic, it’s frantic and it is utterly cathartic fun.

What stands out most, though, is the strange feeling of being able to play a game cooperatively on the same screen with your partner sat next to you – whether you’re shouting commands to lay down cover fire or asking for a revive. Huntdown resurrects that ageing tradition with style and finesse, and anyone looking for a modern take on a classic concept is sure to find something to love here.

DEVELOPER: Easy Trigger Games
PUBLISHER: Easy Trigger Games
FORMATS: PS4, Xbox One, PC

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