Demon’s Souls online servers to shut down in February 2018

Demon’s Souls online servers to shut down in February 2018

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The online servers for FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls will shut down around the world on 28 February 2018, as announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan, Atlus in the US and BandaiNamco in the UK. You can of course still play the game, but online features such as cooperation and invasion, in-game messaging, player death locations and World Tendency will no longer be available after February.

Sony thanked gamers for playing and using the game’s online service since 2009.

“It’s with mixed emotions we say goodbye to the service,” said Atlus. “Countless players have enjoyed Demon’s Souls and the functionality it introduced to players when such things were rarer. Thank you to everyone who played Demon’s Souls, and especially to those who still revisit its world from time to time. For those who haven’t played in a while, we invite you to once again visit Boletaria while the servers are still live and celebrate its contributions with us. ”

“After 9 years of recurring deaths and frustrations, but just as many triumphs of dedication, Demon’s Souls online servers will terminate,” tweeted BandaiNamco (as shared on the game’s official Twitter account). “Play online one last time, and share with us your best Demon’s Souls moment!”

The Sony PlayStation 3 game was first released in Japan in February 2009. Given its success, Atlus released the game in the US in October of that year, followed by BandaiNamco handling its European release in June 2010.

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