Delicious in Dungeon Volume 1 MANGA REVIEW

Delicious in Dungeon Volume 1 MANGA REVIEW

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Oddball manga Delicious in Dungeon combines two very different worlds – good food and Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy. It opens with a party of adventurers hanging around the entrance to a dungeon they have just failed to conquer. They’re skint, they’re hungry, two members of the team have quit and a third, the sister of their leader Laios, has been gobbled down by a dragon. It’s not looking great for our heroes.

Laois and what remains of the party (spellcasting elf Marcille and ‘half-foot’, AKA hobbit, lock-picker Chilchack) head back to the depths to save his sister before she is digested. Short on supplies, Laois decrees that they must eat whatever monsters they slay on their journey, much to Marcille’s horror. On the way, they meet dwarf warrior and expert chef Senshi, who joins the team in order to fulfil his dream of cooking a dragon.

Delicious in Dungeon is hard going. Its artwork is okay but otherwise it’s a disappointment. Since we can’t actually rustle up a huge scorpion and walking mushroom hot pot, or a full course meal made out of living armour, all that fantasy food stuff is there simply for comic value. Which is a shame because – Marcille’s exasperation over everyone else’s fondness for cooking weird stuff aside – Delicious in Dungeon singularly failed to tickle our funny bone. Reviewed by Ian Wolf

Credits: Ryoko Kui
Publisher: Yen Press
Release Date: Out Now
Price: £11.99
Rating: 13+

Copyright: © 2015 Yen Press

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