Blade Runner 2049 director “interested in Bond” but says Dune is next

Blade Runner 2049 director “interested in Bond” but says Dune is next

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Denis Villeneuve. This is the man behind some all of the highest quality movies in the last five years. Sicario (2015), Arrival (2016), Blade Runner 2049: these are are cerebral, visually stunning cinematic thrillers that totally engage the audience.

Cinefix does an episode dedicated to how Villeneuve beautifully built up tension in the border crossing scene in Sicario here.

Now, imagine that talent directing a Bond movie. The mind boggles. The best Daniel Craig Bond is easily Casino Royale (2006) and it’s scenes like the opening assassination in Prague, that make it the best.

Speaking to The Playlist, Villeneuve says he’s interested in Bond and working with Daniel Craig…however, his new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune is what takes priority:

“The thing is I don’t now about that, but listen,” Villeneuve says. “Daniel Craig is a very inspiring actor and I had some contact and the thing is that I’m busy right now doing ‘Dune.’ But, I will say to have the privilege to work with him it would be a dream. I would love to work with Daniel and a Bond movie for me would be a treat. It’s a matter of timing, I guess.”

The next James Bond film is due out November 8, 2019. With Craig’s schedule and other directing candidates possibly available, it’s doubtful that EON would push back the release date just to wait for Villeneuve. More likely than not, they’ll let Villeneuve go and maybe circle back to him for future installment.

Oh yeah, we have worm sign…

At the same time, we’re very excited to see what the best sci-fi director currently in Hollywood does with Dune. Here at MYM, we still like the David Lynch interpretation, in particular, his high production values and industrial-style, almost-Giger reimagining of elements like the stillsuits and House Harkonnen from the under-rated 1984 epic.

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