Black Mesa’s Xen levels delayed once again

Black Mesa’s Xen levels delayed once again

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In the original Half-Life, no one liked Xen. The game’s epilogue on the alien planet was weird, disorientating, obtuse and just down-right messy. I don’t know about you, but it’s kinda like how I would expect to feel if I was suddenly teleported to a squelchy and gooey alien world. Unfortunately, this atmosphere didn’t work so great in the context of a video game.

The goal with Black Mesa, the excellent fan-made remake of Half-Life, was to fix everything everyone hated about Xen. They’d done such a stellar job with every part of the game before then, so why not take the time to improve Xen, too. Well, turns out that’s going to take even longer than originally planned – the Xen levels have been delayed…again.

“Straight to the bad news: we are pushing back the release of Xen,” read an update on the Black Mesa community page. “We are truly sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up and then delaying… again. We worked very hard to make December, but we are not yet ready. As a team, we take FULL responsibility for that. We have an internal deadline we are confident in, and we will be getting everyone more details as we get closer to that date.”

Black Mesa originally released in 2012 on Steam Early Access, giving players a modern remaster of the classic and iconic PC FPS. Back then, the developers had announced that some extra time would be needed to bring the final Xen chapter to the game. No one quite expected it would take all these years, though!

Further updates are promised in December and then we might – at last – have an idea when we’ll be able to play through the fantastic Half-Life campaign in its entirety.

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